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Pipe Center working in partnership to supply products for mental health care

26 March 2015


Pipe Center, a UK building services supplier, is stocking sanitary ware products designed specifically to meet the needs of at-risk patients in mental healthcare environments


Working in partnership with Ideal Standard, a producer of sanitary ware, Pipe Center now offers a range of

products that comply with the latest standards for mental health facilities to all customers. It is also better placed

to supply the NHS, under the ProCure21+ National Framework* with products purchased under the framework

offering the NHS savings of up to 12% on market prices.

Andy McEwan, Commercial Director, Pipe Center and Climate Center, says: "We want to develop strong

partnerships which add value to the whole supply chain. Partnering with Ideal Standard and combining our

experience and knowledge ensures that we can deliver high quality, fully compliant solutions that give our

customers what they need."

Manufactured in the UK, Pipe Center's new sanitary ware range includes toilets, basins, showers, taps and

assorted fittings for use in low, medium and high risk areas.

The product line-up includes anti-vandal and anti-ligature features, to provide additional safety and protection for

higher risk or vulnerable mental health patients. Wall mounted toilets built from material that will disintegrate on

impact, rather than shattering into shards and presenting a potential risk, are also included in the range.

The sanitary ware has been fully tested at the HMP test centre at Lindholme and meets Home Office

MOJ/MOD/BMA accreditation. "We wanted to be able to offer a range that was safe for users in mental health

environments, one which combined aesthetics with functionality," adds Wayne Calland-Hewitt, Technical Support

Deputy Manager for Pipe Center.

Pipe Center is currently involved in a number of health care projects and its dedicated project team, offers a

single point of contact and nation-wide distribution via the business' extensive UK branch network.